SE Futures staff answering question from a senior at a table with other seniors. SE Futures staff answering question from a senior at a table with other seniors.
About SE Futures

SE Health has helped clients and families in their homes and communities "from the womb to the tomb" in Canada for 110+ years. The SE Futures team focuses on the aging adult population, their families, and communities. We know this population is growing. As a result, this can lead to more complex social and medical challenges and has many unmet needs, desires, and expectations.

Our mandate is to identify, incubate, test, and scale new practices and business models.

Our How

Future of Senior Living and Community

New concepts and business models for attainable/affordable housing and built environments, and new services and experiences that enable older adults to age in the place of their choice.

Future of Home Health Care

Designing, incubating and scaling new models and tools to keep people healthy and self managing at home.

Future of Home Health Workforce

Building the next generation home health workforce of the future.

  • Most are initiated by our clients & family caregivers, our talent, our partners

  • Others are initiated by the Futures team based on sensing and mining signals and trends in the future of aging, and future of home health in Canada and globally

  • 10% is optimizing the current business

  • 60% is reinventing the core business (through business model evolution and new capabilities)

  • 30% focuses on creating future practices and business models that older adults need, want, and expect

  • Guide, drive, catalyst towards the future

  • Stay ahead of changes in our outside & inside environments - drive self-creative destruction

  • Influence and shape mindsets, and the conversation - internal SE Health, broader ecosystem, society

A key driver of our success for delivering on our mandate to build and execute the innovation pipeline for a 112-year-old health organization is our core working principles which are our ways of working. These are what we come back to as the only constant that we hold ourselves to adhere to, especially given how volatile the external and internal environment can be.